Tuesday, August 3, 2010

beach cottage dreams

Last July, my hubby and I loaded up the car and drove 12 hours with our then 1 and 2 and 1/2 year old little boys. Our destination was the Oregon Coast.

We fell in love.

I loved the evenings walking the beach with my little fella's holding my hands, the sounds and smells of the ocean, the cool misty air... ahhh.

We stayed near Depoe Bay at a place called Bella Beach, in a little purple cottage. My oldest boy called it the "purple playhouse" and it really did feel like a playhouse. you can see a small sampling of our vacation pictures here.

Dare I say, I love the Oregon Coast as much as I loved Maui as a vacation destination? So much so, that we decided then and there that someday we will have our own little beach house on the Oregon Coast, or possibly another (tiny bit warmer?) coastal location. We'll rent it out when we're not using it, but pack up and go there whenever we want to just to get away.

So just for fun, let's construct my dream beach house.

It would be something fun but simple. small and cozy.

image:olivia beach house rentals "parkside cottage"

my own image- these cottages were right across from ours.

since we're dreaming it would be oceanview, of course.

It would be filled with colors of the sand and sea. Shades of blue, aqua, turquoise, green, tans, naturals, whites, and fun accents like red and yellow.

image:house beautiful

I would fill it with fun vintage finds...

image:meadowbrook farm

and treasures from the sea.

our sand and shell collection from bella beach

I'm a white kitchen fanatic, but I wouldn't mind mixing it up a little in my beach house. I would make sure to incorporate glass tiles in shades of blues,

or I would paint some or all of the cabinets blue (maybe. If I was really brave and not feeling it with the white.)

image:coastal living

image:hooked on houses

in reality, I would just be happy with a simple little cottage kitchen like this one:

image:olivia beach house rentals "parkside cottage"
or this one

I would use lots of sea grass rugs and jute like textures.

Other things on the list include: bead board and beamed ceilings, horizontal paneled walls, hardwood floors, painted wood floors in the bedrooms, and lots and lots of windows, transom windows above doors inside and out, big friendly porch... hmmm.... sounds a lot like my dream house list. :)

I think we need to go back. Right now. :)

I think the Oregon Coast is calling me...


Angie said...

Please buy your dream beach house and rent it out to me! Sounds like so much fun!

jill said...

We so have the exact same taste!!

I want I want I want!

Mindy said...

ha ha ha ! Angie, of course you could visit anytime! Jill, you're always welcome too. :)

Holly said...

Oh Oregon... you're making me homesick! I want to rent your beach house already!

amb said...

Me too! I heart Oregeon! I totally know where the beach house is you're dreaming of...it's in Bandon! ;) I remember sitting in it and thinking it was such an amazing house!

Emily Roundy said...

Love it!

We've been wanting to go to the Oregon coast since we moved to Boise; hopefully we'll go next year. The next time you're headed that direction you should stop in Boise and stay with us!

Kim said...

After living in Oregon I so hear what you are saying. I love all those pictures, where do you find these things?

Guitar Pick Chrystal said...

Just got back from Olivia Beach in Lincoln City. We loved it soooo much! We are now looking into building our own. Haven't gotten a chance to check out Bella Beach yet though. Loved your pictures!

beth said...

We used to live on the Oregon coast. We grew up there, but we took a vacation to the desert, and we fell in love with the desert climate, so we moved away. I really miss the beach, and the coast, and I love beach houses, so even though we live in the desert now, I still decorate my house like we live on the coast!
I have been spending the last half hour browsing your blog! I love it! I am your newest follower. :)

Beth@Beach Cottage in the Desert.

Clorinda Altavilla said...

Dreamy! We used to live near the beach when I was a kid, but we had to move to the city because of my dad's work. Anyway, do you have plans of living near the beach also?

Darius Cartmell said...

Staying near a beach can be a lot of fun. The sunny atmosphere, the beautiful scenery, and all the water combined make a wonderful experience. The photos look great, by the way. It's so bright and lively, like a beach.

Gregoria Loth said...

It has always been a dream of mine to live near the beach. And from the start, I have already been saving for this dream to become a reality. Just last year, it came true. I bought a house near the beach and decorated it myself. I asked my parents, grandma, and sister to come live with me. It’s so peaceful and fun at the same time. =D

Gregoria Loth