Tuesday, January 31, 2012

mister blue bird {bird mobile}

I made some little friends for Noah to gaze at while he's falling asleep in his crib... or let's just admit it, I made this for me to look at when I nurse him in his room. :)

I've been ogling bird mobiles for a few years now, and when I saw the pattern for these birds (here) I knew it was high time I get sewing.

I'm so happy with the way it turned out. The best part is, he actually likes it too. He likes to look up and "talk/sing" to them when he's having a diaper change or when he wakes up from a nap.
As far as sewing projects go, this one was pretty simple. I was intimidated before I started... at first glance I didn't get how the two parts of the pattern where supposed to go together (did I ever mention that I really hate sewing from a pattern? My brain is backward. I'm so much better off If I just make it up on my own. It's a personal problem.)

I pinned them together very "thoroughly"... I mean, seriously, you think I have enough pins here?
You may laugh, but it helped me to keep it all where it needed to be. The funnest part was matching up the fabrics. Mis-matching might be a better term. I love them in their non matchi-ness.

The hardest part was probably deciding where to put the eyelet hooks, so that each branch would balance properly. I also used a swivel clasp (fishing paraphernalia thing, I am the daughter and granddaughter of avid fishermen, after all) to help them move and bob a little better, if I tap it they do, indeed, have a "swivel" action... not a rotate in a 360 degrees action, that would have taken a little more ingenuity. But we like it just the same.

Little Mister seems to think it's pretty great.
It's still in progress, but here's a peek at the other corner of the room:
I'm thinking I'll give the legs on this chair some love, but other than that, I love her as she is.

I have a few more things in the works (painting the crib? gasp! curtains and wall art) and some ideas swirling around in the 'ol noggin that are not yet in the works, but soon this room will be done. I know, I'm slow. But it's not fair... bedrest from 24ish weeks on kind of foils plans, and now with three fellas five and under (and none in school yet) I'm a busy busy momma these days, my creative juices are having a hard time being concentrated on one task or project, but I'm happy and enjoying these simple days with my little ones. I'm a lucky momma! And maybe I'll actually get this room finished before the little guy is two, wouldn't that be amazing?

Check out the free bird mobile pattern HERE.