Friday, April 2, 2010

spring-y porch

I did a quick and easy porch spring-ification today while my baby napped. My three year old and I swept up the porch, wiped down the bench and spray painted some planter boxes. We put some fresh potting soil and planted some new primroses (on sale at Smiths 2/$6.)

These pots where an insignificant beige hue before they met their spray painted destiny today. They are the composite (kind of foamy light weight) kind. Not real ceramic. I've had them for 3 or 4 years and they just needed something. Don't ya love spray paint? It's good for what ails you. For real.

It's Krylon "Ivy Leaf" I went with a gloss finish because I wanted them to look more like ceramic rather than that foamy stuff. It's a nice pop of color, and it looks especially pretty with the orange and hot pink primroses.
The porch faces north and gets lots of shade, so these will do the trick, I think. The "flowers" in the middle pot are just plastic ones I had left in the garage from decorating last fall... placeholders, if you will, until I decide what else to plant there.

I also mowed the lawn for the first time (not just first this year, but first ever in this house) today (remember, we moved in the day before Halloween, so we've never really known this place with truly green grass... and still don't). There wasn't much to mow, lets just say that, but it was nice to clean up all the dead leaves and winter smooshed dead grass.

This yard needs a whole lot of love.

I see hours and hours of time outside this summer. And I'm okay with that.

Anyway, I missed the smell of cut grass and it really boosted my mood (good thing, since more rain and snow are coming for the weekend.)

It'll have to be enough to get me by until I can finish this:

I'm dying to get these up and check it off my mental list. It drives me crazy not being able to finish something. First it was the weather, and now we're having some complications... the old shutters don't want to come of very easily, so we're going to have to figure something out.

And figure something out we will...


Angie said...

You must have missed the snow storm that hit us hard. Love the color of the pots. Beautiful!

Mindy said...

Oh, Angie, it did snow here! We woke up to it Saturday morning! Crazy. I think judging by your pictures, though, you got more than we did this time.

Anonymous said...

I love your shutters and they look so good with your door! You did a great job! Do you mind me asking what color stain you use?

Mindy said...

Thanks a lot!

It's Minwax Red Chestnut. The door is Fir and the shutters are pine, so very similar in color and wood grain. If you where to use a wood with more grain, like oak or something it would look a lot darker, more "brownish". We really liked the combination of the fir with this color of stain.

Thanks for stopping by!