Thursday, May 5, 2011

pretty things

I'm sitting here going nuts, thinking about my basement being just a hair away from finished and ready to decorate, and the baby's room that I've been so excited to put together (and now I can't do anything but sit here in the hospital and think about it)
Being stuck in the hospital like this feels like prison, but I know we are blessed to have this baby still growing inside of me and I'll do what I've gotta do to get him here safe and healthy.

I had a better-than-expected Mother's Day today. Scott and the boys came and spent most of the day with me in the hospital. The boys made me pretty pictures and cards to hang on my wall. I need to take a picture of them, but they make me happy. Scott wrote me a very sweet letter and brought me nutella and strawberries (one of my favorite indulgences!) and a book I've wanted for a long time now:

"No Place Like Home" by Stephen Saint-Onge.

I love the room makeovers he used to do for Better Homes and Gardens. He has done some t.v. shows as well, but I don't watch much t.v. so I didn't really know that. The book has a lot of pictures of great rooms and his advice and thoughts on making a home a comfortable place for your family.

I snuggled up and started reading it tonight after my fellas left.I love his philosophy of surrounding your family with things that inspire you. The only problem is that it gets me so excited to go home and put the basement together that I start to get a little twitchy sitting here!

So rather than think about being twitchy in the hospital, here are some pretty and colorful things that cheer me up right now:

Baby Quilts!

via ETSY quiltrhapsody

If I can't be home putting his room together, at least I can keep dreaming about it. I love that hexagon quilt, so much!

via Etsy romeojulietdesigns

I can picture something like either of these quits in his room (here's that little idea board I made a few months ago)

Hubby votes for the dots, and I love the simplicity of it. I'll probably make my own version of something more that, it's a little more realistic for my skill level, and I think it's adorable! I think I would go insane trying to do something as detailed as the hexagon quilt.

Cheerful red door and living room:

via southern living

I can't get over Chris's toilet paper roll art (Seriously. Toilet paper rolls.) Who thinks of these things? She does!

Go look at the whole process and prepare to be amazed!
(and yes, indeed, we do have the same duvet set!)

And random, but adorable- colorful rainbow cake.

via martha
Do you think one could use natural vegetable dies and get the same effect? I don't know if that much food coloring would be good for the body. :)

2 comments:! said...

So happy that I stumbled across your blog...I hope that you're out of the hospital and doing well now! You have a beautiful home!

Heather said...

I haven't commented for awhile, and after catching up on your cute blog I am so happy to hear that things are ok right now with you and your sweet baby. I know it's probably so hard to be away from your boys (I have a 3 1/2 yr. old and almost 2 yr. old boys) but the sacrifice you are making is worth it. I know you already know that, but I would give anything to be where you are now. I lost my 3rd baby (a little girl) half way through my pregnancy about 2 1/2 months ago. You and your family will be in my prayers. Keep your chin up and I wish you the very best! What a great sacrifice you are making for your baby. I can't wait to keep checking back in on the progress of your beautiful home and hear about the hospital and the arrival of your precious guy. Love your blog!