Monday, May 2, 2011

a peek at the stairs...

The pictures I posted this morning had some troubles, so here's a second try at the progress on the stairs. It's going to be Gor-geous!

way before:

after the drywall phase- we opened up that closed dark stairway:

current progress:
I mentioned in my post this morning, but to re-cap: the treads will be stained dark, the trim pieces and banister parts are going to be white, along with the column/post thing at the bottom.

I promise some better pictures when it's all said and done and baby and I are home and recovering. Until then, I'm afraid my posts will be sporadic and random... but it's all for a good cause!

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Remodelaholic said...

Holy MOLY! Can I beg you to come and do a guest post about this project on Remodelaholic? Pretty Please! (when you are done or close to it..) If you are interested please let me know via email and I will get you all the details!