Wednesday, May 15, 2013

DIY window seat

It's been so long since I've posted that I forgot my photobucket account log in! Ahhh! It's been a busy time in my life. Over the course of the past few months our family has had lots of changes. We sold our home, it sold quickly... quicker than we ever expected! Within 24 hours we had three solid offers and one verbal. Super exciting! We moved our little family from Utah to North Carolina, and now that the dust has settled, we have some projects from before the move to share!
This sweet little window seat was easy to put together and added some storage and upped the cute factor of our living room.

Our little guy loved to perch on top and look outside at the kids going by on their bikes.

It started with the handy little base cabinets I found at Down East Home (a liquidator of clearance items from pottery barn and other stores and other places)

I did take a before picture, but can't find any of them at the moment. Here's the basic just of it: It's the Cameron storage system, they come in a variety of components. I ended up with two drawers and one open shelf. I picked them up for about $45 each, not too bad, considering the drawers slide nicely and are pretty large.
I ended up with two in a dark cherry finish and one in this oak finish. I primed them and painted them all white. I love the look of built-in shelving and a built-in window seats, this house didn't come with those details, so we decided to put a little something together on our own. The best part is, nothing was permanently attached, so we got to bring it all with us when we moved!
The shelves are just the Ikea Hemnes bookshelves in white. We measured everything twice before buying them to make sure it would fit just right. We got lucky and the size of our wall was about as perfect as it could have been for the pieces that we had.
This wasn't done for staging purposes, but it sure did help. That first day we were on the market, we had 11 or 12 showings. Many of them arrived with realtors at the same time I was exiting. When they stepped inside I heard several people ooing and ahhing over the window seat and wondering if it stayed with the house. We would have considered leaving it, but with multiple offers on the table, we didn't feel like we needed to throw in any extras.
And here's a WAAAY before picture of the room when we first saw the house.
Adding that little window seat did a lot to help our bare bones living room out.
Looking at pictures of our home makes me miss it a lot! We are currently renting until October while we are building a home here. We are so excited to get settled again!
I have a handful of other little projects that I'm hoping to share soon!


MegJill said...

I am not too surprised your house sold so fast. It is beautiful!!! You have a magic touch when it comes to home decor and decorating. I LOVE looking at your home pictures and was so happy to see you posted again! Can't wait to see the new house.
We lived at the Travel Lodge with 3 young kids and a cat for three months when we first moved here while we closed on our house. I feel your pain! October will come quicker that you think.

Shantel said...

Beautiful Mindy! I'm not surprised. You have such a skill with making a home beautiful!

Mindy said...

MegJill, I can't imagine being in a hotel for three months with my three kids! They (and I) would all go nuts! Thanks for the comment love, it's been so long since I've posted that I wondered if anyone was still out there. :)

Mindy said...

Shantel- Thank you! You are always so gracious and sweet. Thanks for reading. :)

RMF said...

BEAUTIFUL! Congrats on building a home! I agree with the others... can't wait to see pictures of your new home! Do you mind sharing the paint colors you used in your old home? I love them and am wanting to paint my living area a lighter color and I love the one in your pictures! Thanks!

Mindy said...

RMF- so sorry for the delay in responding. Try Sherwin Williams Rice Grain. It's the closest thing to what is upstairs and downstairs in the main areas. We used BM Grey Owl in the living room, matched and mixed in Olympic. I think the Master Bedroom was Bay Sands or something like it, probably either Behr or Valspar, sorry I don't have the can anymore to check it. :)