Thursday, March 1, 2012

birds in my bedroom

I realize I've been a sporadic blogger ever since baby boy #3 came along (7 months ago!).

It's not for lack of inspiration, the ideas and projects are still slowly coming to fruition, but things are busy around here... and I truly wouldn't have it any other way.

I have been thinking a lot about our master bedroom. I had done a few accent pillow changes, but things have mostly been the same since adding the yellow and gray medallion comforter:

I love the pattern and colors of the comforter, but it wasn't feeling like "us", so I went in search of something else and ended up coming right back to the light blue coverlet that we had before the yellow and gray duvet.

I also added more color with pillows, my favorite being my new bright bird pillow:

(I went to hoping to link it for you all, but it's no longer there. I just bought it two weeks ago, so you never know, there may still be some in stores.)

I just realized I didn't get a close up of it, so here it is:

Shout out to my hubby here. Our two oldest boys were at a birthday party on a Saturday morning, and HE suggested we go out looking for a new bedroom chair (our slipper chair that was previously there got moved down to the new office-still in progress.)

When I saw this pillow I knew it was what I was looking for. When I asked if he liked it he said "I don't hate it... but I know you love it. It might end up on the floor a lot, but go ahead." What a man, eh? It has grown on him. How could it not? As my friend Holly said, it's "adding a little fiesta to the bedroom."

I spied this cute chair while online shopping a few months ago and we both liked it for the space:


Each button has a different pattern on it. The tufting is fabulous and the fabric is a nice neutral linen. LOVE.

The colors on the buttons pick up a little of the "fiesta" on the bed.
It's still calming, still a quiet and restful room, but it needed a little "hello sunshine" and now it's got that. It fits us better.

We are still plugging away on finishing some smaller projects and then it's onto the BIG fun one that we've been waiting for. The addition and hardwood flooring upstairs, the whitification of the kitchen, and some trim and paint stuff. I'VE WAITED 2 YEARS for this part! We've started the process with our contractor and we're waiting for a survey to verify just how far the dining bump out can go. Hopefully we'll get the ball rolling next month!


Kelly at My Colorful Cottage said...

your bedroom is so pretty and restful! I think the bird pillow and the chair were made for each other:) Could you share where you purchased your glass lamps if possible?

Mindy said...

Thanks! The lamps are from target (the shades are as well.)

Jenny said...

I love the buttons on the chair. And I love the bird pillow!! You have beautiful taste.

Caitlin and her Cricut said...

Very cute! I'm actually getting the cute as a button love seat for my apartment soon! Love it :)

Janice Willis said...

Love it all! We also just switched to a coverlet blanket (solid white that I picked up at an estate garage sale
For $2) it's so simple yet perfect!
Funny I hve that & ampersand with U & I on our bedroom wall and I also painted them aqua .....(I noticed u had it gold and then painted it also?!?!)
Silly things I notice ;)