Friday, December 20, 2013

Fresh Pine Garland and Entry Way Tour

Hello! We are still working on organizing ourselves and getting settled here, but we are loving the new house. We are so excited to spend our first Christmas here!
When we bought our Christmas Tree, A beautiful North Carolina Frasier Fir, the friendly man at the tree lot offered us all of the branches we could carry away. We brought two big bushels home in the back of our van, and I decided to make some fresh garlands out of them. We went back for more (he told us we could take all we wanted and to come back if we needed more) and we were greeted with a warm "Hey there, I remember y'all!" and he insisted on loading them up for me (the south is such a friendly place!)
It took a few hours, and made a huge mess in the process, but we enjoyed decking our halls with the Christmas-y smell that only live pine can bring!
Come on in and check it out!

I need to get a whole house shot some night when the window candles are lit up, it's fun. We are so busy with getting things out of boxes and setting rooms up that we just knew we couldn't tackle exterior Christmas lights this year, so we kept is simple with wreaths and candles.

I fully intend to share a full house tour soon. Life is just very busy these days! Stay tuned, but don't hold your breath!